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When considering building a home, the land and location are among the main priorities a homeowner takes to heart. The same consideration should be given when building your business on a web domain. Simply put, a domain is the virtual “land” your website is built on (pretty much your digital address). Just like land is for a house or any physical structure, domains are for your website or online business. Domains are the essential building blocks of the “Information Superhighway” because they hide your IP address, making it easier and more convenient to find your business (check for more on IP addresses). Domains can be registered with registrars like GoDaddy, Namcheap, and Uniregistry. You can reach out to domain owners to purchase domains as well, the same as you would with any tangible asset. Domains can also be purchased on aftermarket platforms such as Afternic, Sedo, and DomainPluto (#shamelessplug). With all things equal, the more “premium” your domain is considered to be, the better your chances are of capitalizing off it especially if your intent is to utilize web traffic to your benefit.

Another comparison that puts physical real estate and digital real estate in the same bubble is the difference between what is considered “premium and what isn’t. To help make the picture more clear, some domains benefit from a plethora of advantages like domain age, organic search traffic, domain length, general familiarity, and extension just to name a few. Factors like this push domains into the premium category. Internet savvy companies and investors understand this formula, hence why many domain names that fit these criteria sales have been reported publicly and non-publicly up to 8-figures i.e. $18M, $16M, $11M and many more.

We help clients secure perceived high value domains for their business or project as well as help clients sell their domains to increase cash flow. This is done by exhausting all means: thoroughly vetting companies or buyers who we feel will be the best fit for the domain. We reach out to our network of partners and scan multiple aftermarket platforms to sew up any loose ends. We encourage clients to carefully scout domains before they choose which domain to build their business on. In fact, we emphasize to our clients to choose their business names based off domain names available. It may sound strange, but our reason is due to the increasing demand for domains because more and more companies are coming online to compete. Due to the basic trade formula of supply and demand, great names are being registered or purchased every day. The whole point is to make sure your business name is available as a domain so you can brand your company while protecting your assets.

Sooner or later, one of two things will happen:

  1. a company’s differentiating domain and brand names will collide and do damage because of conflicting brand identities,

     2. or collude and do great wonders for your brand because your domain name matches your business. 

Let it be the latter.

Just because a domain is expensive doesn’t mean the domain is worth the price tag. That’s where we come in at. We don’t suggest clients spend more than their budget allows, we help them evaluate the domain name they are interested in, assess their budget and goal to determine if the price of domain is worth investing in, because after all, a domain name is an investment, not just a purchase… huge difference. The same goes for acquiring a domain on behalf of a client.

So whether you are hand-registering a domain or plan on purchasing a domain from an aftermarket platform or from it’s existing owner, we make this process as smooth and easy, leaving all parties satisfied with our service.

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