Q: How long does the domain transaction process takes?

A: It depends on how the transaction is conducted. Once payment is paid we will then proceed with the transaction by asking for your registrar information and ten proceeding to push the domain to you account. It normally takes anywhere between 30 mins to 3 days.

Q: Can you lease and rent a domain?

A: Domains are not for rent or lease, however joint partnership is accepted on a case by case basis. Pleas email us at

Q: How fast can a domain be brokered?

A: There is no time limit attached to a domain whether buying or selling. There are circumstances that may allow a domain to move slow or fast.

Q: Can I resell a domain once I purchase it from you?

A: Yes, once the domain is purchased you are free to do with it what you like.

Q: Do I have to change my nameservers to list a domain?

A: Absolutely not, you can keep your nameservers the same.

Q: Do I have to use the same registrar as the domain owner?

A: You don’t have to use the same registrar, this decision is solely up to they buyer.

Q: How much is the brokerage fee?

A: Brokerage Fee is 12% and is paid after sale of the domain

Q: Do you broker multiple domains at once?

A: Yes we broker many portfolios and quality domains in bulk please email for domain submission.

Q: Can I list domains with other extensions than a dot com?

A: No, .com domains are only permitted to be listed, however premium domains and other specific domains will be considered upon request.


Q: How much will it cost to design a simple site?

A: The cost of a simple site can vary depending on its simplicity. Until we know exactly what our client needs are its hard to pin point an exact price. Our lowest price for Web Design is

Q: How long does it take to have a website designed?

A: It depends entirely on the basis of the project and the goal of the website owner. Time length can range from 2 days to 4 weeks depending on how detailed and in depth the work process takes. Expedited orders can be done upon request.

Q: Can I just get added touches or edits to my website without getting my entire website re-done?

A: Yes, absolutely. We touch up and edit clients websites that ask for these changes without doing a complete overhaul of the entire website.

Q: Do you provide Search Engine Optimization and online marketing once my website is done?

A: It depends on what package the prospect purchase. If you purchase Web Design package only then that’s all the work that will be done. If you choose a package that includes SEO & Marketing then yes this is included. This is why we encourage our clients to take a great interest in this package as it important to have a fully built “house” than a partial house.

Q: Is SEO and your digital marketing expensive?

A: Absolutely not! We are much cheaper than our competitors. Just like any other means of advertisement SEO and digital marketing are strategic ways of securing online traffic and must be done right in order to achieve success.

Q: Do I have to provide content and pictures to complete my website?

A: Yes, you have to provided the content and pictures. Content can be, articles, videos, pictures etc. Your website is your “home”, we build it for you, it’s your efforts that will furnish it. We can provide that as well with the selected package.

Q: Can I make payment arrangements?

A: 50% of the total amount must be paid before conducting work on clients project. The remainder may be paid during or at the end of the project or terms agreed to prior to working on the project.

Q: Can I receive monthly maintenance, edits or tweaks to my website?

A: Yes we have monthly subscription packages that we strongly encourage clients to choose so they can get the more bang for their buck. We love to work with our clients on a monthly basis to ensure their project is on pace to reach their goals.


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