A Domain is the foundation of a website. For that reason we offer a wide range of domain services including purchasing, selling and brokering domains for owners who are looking to utilize our traffic and network to increase higher visibility and increase their chances of a sell. Domains on our platform incur a 8% commission fee once domain is sold successfully, however, domains must go through a selection process in order to be selected for listing.  Pluto Referral  program allows domain owners to refer other domain owners to list their domains on our platform. If their domain is sold the referrer receive 4% commission of the sale (which doesn’t effect the buyer nor seller). Win/Win for you and your referral!


Seller sells ExampleOnly.com for $10,000

Seller pays 8% commission fee $800

Seller receives $9,200 (before payment fees)

Referrer receive commission 4%

Referrer total amount earned $400

Seller is Paid. Buyer is Happy. Referrer is Thankful.


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